Published On: August 9, 2021

Why We Use CB PA 12

As 3D printing advanced and grew in popularity, more and more materials were adapted for it. Today, people can print using anything from common plastics to the niche nitinol used for medical implants. While all 3D printing materials come with their own benefits, one stands a cut above the rest.

CB PA 12 (or Colour Boost PA 12) is a polyamide powder used in HP’s Multi Jet Fusion Technology. Its fine, granular consistency, combined with the natural durability and malleability of polyamide, allows us to print models with complex geometries. Even ultra-fine details have high dimensional accuracy. Additionally, the material’s makeup results in 3D printed parts with low porosity and nearly 100% density, creating tougher models with improved mechanical properties.

This makeup also benefits the printing process. As it is self-supporting, CB PA 12 doesn’t rely on support structures during printing as other materials do, resulting in increased design freedom. It also has the advantage of MJF technology, as MJF features a powder recycling process that virtually eliminates waste production during printing.

This brings us to our last point: colour. Full-colour 3D printing is a relatively recent innovation in the 3D printing world. Even today, most 3D printing printers can only print in a single colour, relying on post-print colouration processes. With CB PA 12, we can print in full, vibrant, and accurate colour right out the gate, making beautiful prototypes and models at a faster turnaround.

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