Our Post 3D Printing Process

Sealing is an integral finishing touch for 3D printed objects. A high-quality seal ensures that your 3D product, model, or prototype is protected and won’t lose its dimensional accuracy.

That’s why 3D Explorer uses PostPro Chemical Vapour Smoothing. This UL & CE certified vapour smoothing system smooths finely detailed geometries and coats every square millimetre of an object’s surface without compromising its shape or functionality.

Your vapour-smoothed parts will have:

  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Injection-moulded surface quality
  • More vivid colours
  • No more than an 0.4% dimensional change
  • Full sealing against liquid and gas intake
  • Greatly reduced bacteria growth and attachment

The PostPro Vapour Smoothing system is highly controllable, repeatable, and can smooth multiple parts at once, resulting in a faster turnaround and the ability to scale with perfect consistency.

Test it yourself!

  • PosPro is compatible with all powder-bed and filament-based printing technologies, including SLS, HP MJF, FDM, FFF, and FGF.

To experience the benefits of this vapour smoothing system, call us or send us your interest and we will send you complimentary treated sample to test the difference.

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