Upload a 3D File

When you have designs ready for 3D printing, upload them here.

FOr a more precise print, add any relevant colours, meshes, features, and decals to your design. You can do so in most common 3D modelling software applications. We strongly recommend you add these extra design details according to your software’s guidelines.

Our 3D Printer supports 3MF, OBJ, and VRML v.2 (aka VRML 97) files. It also accepts STL files, but the format is best suited to black-and-white printing as STL does not incorporate colour information.

Most major 3D design software tools can export these file formats. However, if your 3D design software can’t, you can convert these files to an accepted format and add colour information to them in other 3D software tools such as Blender, Magics, or NetFabb 3D Builder.

Upload your 3D files here

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