3D Printing Service

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid, full-colour prototyping service allows designers and engineers to quickly and accurately turn ideas into physical objects. 3D printing prototypes substantially reduces the time between conceptualisation and testing.

Healthcare Models

Everyone’s insides develop differently, so no two organs are ever exactly the same. The ability to turn MRIs into 3D printed models revolutionised the medical industry. For years, doctors have been printing models of patient organs to practice for complex surgeries. Our full-colour 3D printing service uses high-quality materials and the latest technology, enabling surgeons to easily determine what’s what on the model and find the best surgical path.

Architecture Models

Models are the best way to visualise a design, whether it’s for an apartment, a skyscraper, or a city. However, modelling fine details can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when working on small scale models. Our 3D printing service can substantially reduce the time it takes to create a model and even increase its accuracy. Create stunning displays faster and exactly as you want them.

Custom Jigs and Fixtures

Accurate instructions on the production line are vital for precision and replicability in the manufacturing process. Custom fixtures, jigs, and guides will provide even greater accuracy, ensuring fewer mistakes. Let us take your production process to the next level.

Consumer Goods

Fashion is an ever-revolving door, making it difficult to guess how long a style or a colour palette will last. Overproduction can leave manufacturers and retailers stuck with a mountain of inventory that won’t budge. But with our 3D printing service, you’ll be able to change your design approach practically overnight or even offer your customers or clients fully customisable design options.

And on that note, we also offer 3D printing of fully customisable and adjustable eyewear frames through our sister company, venEyes. Click here for more information.

Prosthetics and Orthotics

We offer the manufacture of orthoses, AFOs, wrist braces, prosthetics and prosthetic parts, medial helmets, and face masks. Prosthetics and orthotics are crucial to improving some patients’ quality of life. 3D printing opens the door to medical devices that are lighter, better tailored, and more comfortable. And with our huge range of custom colouring and design options, doctors will see significant improvements in their patients’ overall experience with the devices.


With full-colour printing, imagination has (almost) no limits. Our 3D printing service gives artists and designers more modelling freedom than ever before. From custom anatomical models to stunning sculptures, 3d Explorer can help you elevate your art and portfolio like never before.