Full Colour

Produce fully functional,
full-colour parts and models


Achieve high precision even on the smallest of details

Transparent Pricing

We use MJF production machines to provide you with a high-quality printing service at an affordable price.Our pricing structure is based on the bounding box of your model with a fixed price per cm3.

Australia-Wide Shipping

We are dedicated to providing Australians with fast production and shipping, and great quality parts.


We exclusively use HP 3d High-Reusability CB PA 12,
a highly malleable polymer perfectly suited to complex 3D prints.

Gain access to strong, flexible and complex parts
tailor-made to your project needs

High Reusability CP PA 12 was engineered to produce functional, detailed, and accurate prototypes

Ensures high-density parts with durable structures and well-balanced property profiles

Highly resistant to greases, oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and alkali

Ideal for engineering-grade full-colour and white parts

Experience the Magic: 3D Printing and AMT Post-Treatment in Action!
Watch a video showcasing our advanced 3D printing process followed by our AMT post-treatment.

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