Published On: February 17, 2023

The Future of On-Demand Manufacturing

3D printing is still often associated with creating prototypes, but 3D Explorer shows it’s now possible to create durable, cost-effective, on-demand products that allow businesses to cater to their customer’s individual requirements.

With 3D Explorer’s cutting-edge technology, businesses large and small have access to the same production capabilities, whether it’s a one-off R&D item, rapid prototyping or a full-blown production. 3D Explorer gives businesses the ability to print one or one hundred products without sacrificing quality, affordability or time.

This flexibility is desired across many sectors but is especially essential in the healthcare sector, where customised solutions are often required. Such is the case for Korthotics, a leading orthotics service provider which offers off-the-shelf and customised orthotic products to its customers.

However, customised solutions can often become expensive, so when Korthotics needed a durable intricate cranial protective helmet made, they turned to 3D Explorer for help. Now, the helmet did not just need to be light, strong and durable; its surface also had to be smooth and skin-friendly to give the patient a comfortable experience. The team at 3D Explorer was happy to meet the challenge and made the entire process streamlined and easy. All that was required of Korthotics was to upload a 3D printable format file and specify the colour and finish.

And the finish is where 3D Explorer really delivered. As the only company in Australia with the AMT SP50 machine, which offers Vapour Smoothing to most 3D printed parts, they were able not only to manufacture the helmet to the highest standard but also provide the finish Korthotics required. The AMT PostPro Chemical Vapour Smoothing SF50 elevates the aesthetics and functionality of 3D prints. And the high-quality seal ensures the 3D product, model, or prototype is protected, smooth, and won’t lose its dimensional accuracy with time.

Overall, 3D Explorer offers a solution that allows businesses to improve their customers’ quality of life. With 3D scanning technology, businesses can now create on-demand products that are precisely measured to suit each individual client. They are also the only 3D printing company in NSW that offers colour printing in multi-jet fusion MJF technology. This means that the products are not only perfectly fitted and finished but can also reflect the customers’ personal aesthetic preferences.

Of course, prosthetics and orthotics represent an important and thriving segment of 3D Explorer’s operations. However, there are several other sectors where 3D Explorer manufacturing proficiency is gaining in popularity.

For example, continuing in the health sector, 3D Explorer is now able to help surgeons turn organ MRIs into 3D printed models on which they can practice in preparation for complex surgeries – to find the most effective surgical path.

In the manufacturing sector, rapid, full-colour prototyping allows product designers and engineers to turn concepts into fully functional, engineering-grade parts that can be tested within tight timeframes. It also helps them to create electronic components, custom fixtures, jigs and guides, vital for precision and replicability in the manufacturing process.

In the building and design sector, it allows architects, builders and property developers to create 3D architecture models, aiding their marketing efforts and helping their clients to visualise the proposed projects. In the adjacent art scene, artists are now capable of introducing 3D textures in their artwork and producing full-scale, coloured sculptures.

In addition, 3D Explorer has its own application and eyewear brand in consumer products, venEyes: 3D-printed customised eyewear. With each pair perfectly fitting the contours of the customer’s face. The ability to only print what is required helps consumer brands avoid overproduction and, in turn, lift their environmentally friendly status. This is particularly important within the health and fashion sector, which is often demonised for dumping last season’s inventory in the landfill.

The above are but a few examples of the potential of 3D Explorer. Contact the team at 3D Explorer to find out how they can help you with your next project. For more information, go to