Published On: October 16, 2023

Exploring Innovation with 3D Explorer at AOPA Congress 2023

The Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association (AOPA) Congress 2023 will be held in Melbourne from October 19–21, and we can’t wait to have you there. Visit us at booth 16, where 3D Explorer collaborated with EVOK3D – 3D PRINTING SOLUTIONS. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Evok3D for playing a crucial role in our inventive journey.

Learn About Our State-of-the-Art Orthotic and Prosthetic Solutions

We at 3D Explorer are proud to present our most recent developments in full-colour 3D printing services designed explicitly for orthotics and prosthetics. With the aid of cutting-edge MJF HP 580 technology and cutting-edge post-processing methods with AMT SF50, we can provide you with unsurpassed precision and quality.

Special Offer for Attendees of the AOPA Congress!

In honour of AOPA Congress 2023 (AOPA23), we’re pleased to make an exclusive gift to you. Throughout October and November of ’23, take advantage of a remarkable 10% OFF for your 3D printed and vapour smoothed orthotic and prosthetic parts. Don’t miss this chance to use our first-rate services to realise your creative ideas.

How to Take Advantage of the Offer: Send your file to to receive a FREE quotation immediately.

Discover Top-Notch 3D Printing Services:

For your 3D-printed orthotic and prosthetic part, you can:

  • Achieve a smooth surface finish and a high impact strength.
  • Ensure great precision even on the smallest details.
  • Take advantage of our quick shipping service.
  • We offer shipping across all of Australia.

You can download our Medical profile here, showcasing 3D printed samples of Orthoses, Helmets, SMAFO, AFOS range, Collar, and Healthcare Models.

Looking forward to seeing you at booth 16.

Feel free to contact us for any questions!