Published On: August 9, 2021

Fibonacci House: The First 3D Printed Home on Airbnb

Born in 2016, additive manufacturing with concrete is a fairly recent innovation. But it has already been used to achieve some pretty amazing things.

In 2021, the Netherlands-based company Twente Additive Manufacturing unveiled what was to be the first fully 3D printed home listed on Airbnb and allegedly the first concrete 3D printed house in Canada.

As the name might suggest, the design of the house is based on the famous Fibonacci Golden Spiral, which is in turn based on the mathematical Fibonacci Sequence. The spiral design was chosen to show where 3D printing in construction thrives, as it can achieve more complex shapes.

The body of the house was printed using Laticrete, with Baumint used for the 4.5-metre columns on the patio.

The curved walls are fully insulated and contain a 28 metre squared ground level surface, with a spacious living area, kitchen, and a mezzanine that can sleep four people. The Fibonacci design allows for a natural progression of interior space from the open living room to a warm and closed shower space in the spiral’s tightest point.

3D printed architecture is definitely an exciting addition to the additive manufacturing industry. And while we at 3D Explorer can’t print full houses (yet), we do offer architectural and other design services. Learn more here.